Key Features

  • Cools even at 60°C
  • Patented Anticorrosion Coating
  • Powerful Cooling up to 10m
  • Faster Cooling
  • Multi Directional Cooling
  • Dual Protection Filter
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Cools even at 60°C

The Super Tropical Compressor with By-pass cycle enables high temperature operation by creating one more cycle inside of the outdoor. By-pass cycle reduce refrigerant temperature and pressure so that the air conditioner can operate without failure even up to 60℃.

Patented Anticorrosion Coating

The gold-colored special coating on the fin of the heat exchanger prevents corrosion, extending the life of the unit.

Powerful Cooling up to 10m

Keep cool this summer with the new larger fan and chassis that allow you to feel the air from up to 20 meters away. Now cooling is more faster and powerful, and allows you to feel comfortable sooner.

Faster Cooling

LG air conditioner provides optimized high-speed airflow, which can cool a room faster while delivery cool air evenly in every direction.

Multi Directional Cooling

Cool air reaches out to all directions and each corner of the room regardless of where the air conditioner is installed.

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